Creating a New Bid or Order

You can set the defaults in the Administration module for sales order number, billing, and shipping terms, etc.  Select the link to your Address Book to select a customer or create a new customer. Identify a sales order as part of a larger project in the event you need to manage a group of orders as a project.

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The system allows for both selecting items from inventory or creating a custom item or “one off”. If your order is for an item in inventory you will select Add Inventory and you will be able to search and select the items for the order.

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If your order is for a “one off” or a custom item, select Add Custom and you will be taken to the Part screen to create the item. If it is a “one off” you can copy an existing item and make changes to create the ‘one off’ item. This will document the details of the item for the fabrication process and for future reference.

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