Committed Sales Order

The software will save your bids/estimates and allow you to edit them if changes are made. You can filter and easily search for bids/estimates as well as committed orders. Once a customer commits to a bid/estimate the system will start a workflow to fulfill the order. This may be just pulling the item from the inventory and delivering it to the customer, or it may be the start of a lengthy fabrication process. Either way you can track and document each step in the process through the other modules of the software.


Information about your customers will be saved and bid/estimates and orders will be logged so you will know exactly the customer history and preferences. You will be able to track and report on all your customers.

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The software will allow you to create and document multiple shipments, as many as needed.  The system will automatically create a Pick List for each shipment and update your inventory.

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You can create and save an invoice for the customer. Multiple invoices are accommodated as needed.

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